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this year. the senate shot down the idea just yesterday. tara mergener , cbs news, washington. >>> you can watch the state of the union address live tonight on channel 9. coverage starts at 9:00 p.m. with the president's speech followed by the republican response and then you can get more reaction on 9 news now at 11:00 and at wusa9.com. >>> toyota has halted the sale of eight of its most popular models. the move is aimed at keeping consumers safe from accelerator pedals which can stick and force the car to speed up unintentionally. the affected models are -- this is after a recall involving 5 million vehicles with the same flaw or one in which floor mats caused the accelerator to get stuck. toyota is also halting production of the vehicles in several plants. >> it seems to be an unprecedented decision for a company to stop selling cars in order to adjust a safety issue. >> having a car go out of control at any minute is not a very pleasant idea. >> they'll fix it before they give it to me. >> it is certainly something to take seriously. no question about it. >> reporter: if you own one of
. and blogger kevin drum tours washington's heart of darkness from down pennsylvania avenue, over to k street where the lobbyists cluster like vultures, then past the local branch of goldman sachs-- also known as the u.s. treasury-- and up to capitol hill, where key members kneel in supplication to receive their morning tithes from the holy church of the almighty dollar. as kevin drum writes, a year after the biggest bailouts in u.s. history, wall street owns washington lock, stock and debit card. kevin drum, formerly with "washington monthly," is now the political blogger at "mother jones." he's here to talk about his report, along with david corn, who's been covering washington for 23 years and is now "mother jones" washington bureau chief. welcome to you both. >> moyers: welcome to both of >> good to be with you, bill. >> moyers: let me read you a letter that was posted on our website a few days ago from a faithful viewer. his name is mike demmer. i don't know him personally, but i like to hear from him. he says, "dear bill, i watch your program all the time. what i don't understand is how
a letter of recommendation. >>> good morning. it's a brand new ball game here in washington as the president heads to capitol hill this wednesday, he's dealing with a congress that's been dramatically altered by the stunning win in massachusetts of republican scott brown to fill the seat held for 46 years by ted kennedy. health care reform is this trouble. this morning, a reminder that this all takes place in a still dangerous world. a new audiotape that appears to be from osama bin laden in which he specifically talks about the failed bombing on christmas day. joining us, david axelrod. david, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> that was the week that was. republicans are stoked, democrats are shocked. polls in general are showing that the public is rapidly losing confidence in the president's policies and his leadership. by way of illustration, "time" and "news qun week" this week, the inspiration gap. how the trail blazer became the stymied president. did the president fail to connect with ordinary americans or is this a sign that the country is rejecting his ap
. here in washington, president obama is vowing a swift response from the u.s. this rescue and recovery effort will be complex and challenging, as we move resources into haiti, we will be working closely with partners on the ground, including the many ngos from haiti and across haiti. the united nations stabilization mission, which appears to have suffered its own losses, and our partners in the region and around the world. this must truly be an international effort. >> the most powerful earthquake to strike haiti in more than 200 years. it was felt as far away as cuba. >> it is a disaster of enormous proportions, one that demands a comparable relief effort. as a result this morning, aid is pouring in from around the world. fairfax county's urban search and rescue team is among those who have answered the call. news 4's tracee wilkins joins us live from dulles international airport, where that team is getting ready to deploy. tracee? >> reporter: good morning, joe. they are still getting ready to deploy, but the good news is they've got their cargo plane here, passenger plane standing b
his message across? t.j. winick joins us now from washington with more on the speech. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good evening. before a joint session of congress the president acknowledged some missteps over the past year, but that didn't stop him from pushing an aggressive agenda. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: delivering his first state of the union address, barack obama didn't sound like a president humbled by historic efforts to fix the economy and health care. >> despite our hardships, our union is strong. we do not give up. we do not quit. we do not allow fear or division to break our spirit. >> reporter: the president spent most of the speech on the economy and jobs, offering help for middle class families -- >> we'll extend our midd class tax cuts. >> reporter: and small businesses. >> i'm also proposing a new small business tax credit. one that will go to over 1 million small businesses who hire new workers or raise wages. >> reporter: while pushing spending frees to help drive down the budget deficit. >> starting in 2011
journal" poll shows 70% think washington isn't doing enough to regulate wall street. no surprise. they have done nothing since the collapse to claw back money, tax future profits let alone close the loopholes that got us into the mess. meanwhile, an overwhelming 84% think lobbyist have too much influence on capitol hill and in the white house. think of the back room deal obama made with pharma. americans are saying loud and clear the government does not work for us anymore. but do not forget this is america. where anything is, indeed, possible. a country that once had slaves, where women couldn't vote and children worked 16--hour-days. all of that was changed by the people of this country and we can change the way our government is run today by simply invoking our freedoms. our freedom to vote. our freedom to speak. and our freedom to put our money wherever we so choose. barack obama didn't fill mile high stadium nor did he fill grant park on election night or the national mall on inauguration day. americans did. those voters elected barack obama on the promise of change. tonight
of people in need. we'll cover that at the top of the newscast. with us in washington, d.c., pat buchanan, margaret carlson. in new york, mike barnicle. >> an interesting war heating up between one of america's largest and most powerful corporations and china. google is threatening to exit china. on the front page of "the wall street journal" and we'll talk a good bit about conan o'brien and jay leno. late night wars that heat up. >>> first, let's go to news, mika. and certainly have lots to talk about in haiti and beyond. >>> breaking news from haiti. because it is day break, revealing a picture of complete devastation this morning after haiti's capital was all but destroyed in the most powerful earthquake to hit the region in more than 200 years. the magnitude 7.0 quake was centered just ten miles from port-au-prince, an impoverished city of almost 2 million people. the extent of the damage and death toll is just coming to light. tens of thousands homeless and power and communication systems remain cut off. the exact number of victims is not clear. humanitarian workers are bracing for t
handelsman has more from washington. steve, good morning. >> reporter: lynn, thanks. good morning. i won't quit. that was president oba's main message up here last night. he is refocused on jobs, but he's still pushing the rest of his agenda despite setbacks. after one year in office, president obama came to the congress and to the nation on primetime tv to admit many who put him in the white house have doubts. >> change we can believe in, the slogan went. right now i know there are many americans who aren't sure if they still believe we can change. or that i can deliver. >> reporter: but the president said he saved 2 million jobs with his stimulus plan and cut taxes, but he also bailed out the banks. >> i hated it, you hated it. >> reporter: mr. obama said they will hate his new plan to tax banks and now he wants to focus on jobs. >> people are out of work. they're hurting. they need our help. and i want a jobs bill on my desk without delay. >> reporter: the president is not giving up on health care reform. >> i take my share of the blame for not explaining it more clearly to the americ
"reality check" not just for the democrats but everyone working in washington, d.c. if this doesn't make it obvious, i don't know what will. if you let the special interests write your legislation for you the voters are going to throw you out of office. case in point. as we all watched the extraction of any actual reform from the helicopter bill, person pechuation of the monopoly, no portability, no choice. the insurance monopoly represented by their stocks reaped the rewards of a government that was not only going to not reform the system but mandate everybody buy their health insurance into an unreformed monopoly. they call that freedom? i don't think so. and the cherry on top, president obama's deal with the unions exempting members from the so-called cadillac tax on the highest priced plans. only exempting union members i might add. guess who shoulders the additional burden as we perpetuate a legacy and system that forces people to buy into the insurance mo nop loy that exempts the union from special interest. everyone else in america who pays too much for health care while receiving
. because what occurred in washington was obviously much more powerful than any of the earnings report, any of the revenue reports, anything wall street threw at us. boy did we get serious good quarters in almost every sector last week. and they were still overwhelmed by the negativity. >> dive, dive, dive. >> all right, there's some important lessons here. first, when everyone thinks the world is coming to an end, it tends not to end. we feared the worst, right? we feared the worst. you know what, when we fear that we rarely get the worst. >> house of pleasure. >> but i want to be clear on this. a nixing of ben bernanke would have caused at least a thousand-point decline. he's regarded basically as the only adult in the room. the guy who may have started late to solve the banking crisis but did keep the system working kept your atm on the move. prevented imminent bank nationalization. i think it's safe to say we would be several thousand points lower than we are if not half if he hadn't stopped the move to nationalize the banks. second, this is the real travesty. until last week america th
since they've been largely vilified by washington. goldman, of course, down rather notably. take a look at the chicago mercantile exchange, the cme, less trading activity when the president's proposals went through. lifting off of its lows on representative frank's comments. material stocks down just as much here today, 4%, 5%, 6% here. freeport-mcmoran i hope that you saw erin burnett's interview with the head of freeport-mcmoran. good flooz them. talked about lower gold, copper production this year and china tightening their monetary policy, or talk about that has certainly been affecting them in the last few days. finally, get back to earnings in the last 24 hours or at least hopefully. how about our parent company, general electric. talk to all of my friends, the nasdaq and rick santelli at the cme and first mike huckman standing by at the nasdaq. >> thanks, bob. yes the nasdaq is down 21 points but a little bit of a flip here at the nasdaq because yesterday it was the biggest percentage loser among the dow and the s&p 500. and today it's these the smallest percentage loser. of cour
will discuss how and why the fed was created. "washington journal" is next. ♪ host: two democratic senators are opting not to run for 2010. christopher dodd of connecticut, and the senator from north dakota. bill ritter from colorado also will not run. good morning, everyone on this wednesday, january 6. we begin with the healthcare debate and caecilians request to have access to the negotiations. c-span ceo brian lamb wrote a letter on december 30 to the house leader saying that now it moves to the critical stage we respectfully request that you allow the public full access through television. this has sparked some headlines this morning in newspapers. i want to show you the headlines from roll-call this morning. that is in newspapers this morning as well. we heard a response yesterday from house speaker nancy pelosi's and senate majority leader harry reid also putting out a statement. politico this morning, the live pulse section, has this to say about the request for tv access. "and c-span standing as a trusted non-partisan player gives republicans more ammo to hit democrats with." we wa
in "the washington post." he plans to propose new limits on the size and investments of large banks, according to a senior administration official of the white house, to refrain the financial reform agenda as an effort to rein in the companies largely to blame in the crisis. we will now take you to the floor of the house of representatives. three indian water rights measures on their docket today. live coverage begins momentarily. guest[captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker: the house will be in order. the prayer will be offered by our chaplain, father coughlin. chaplain coughlin: almighty god , true humility will not automatically come to us when we choose to bow our heads in prayer or when we acknowled
survives a fiery crash in northwest washington this morning. the woman struck a traffic light pole at the intersection of new jersey and q streets northwest. witnesses say that three men, from the neighborhood pulled the woman and a another passenger out of the burning car before emergency crews arrived. the two passengers were transported to the hospital. >>> a new book about the 2008 presidential campaign is causing quite a stir of controversy. whit johnson has the details. >> reporter: comments senate majority leader harry reid made in private have republicans publicly calling for his resignation. in game change, a book about the presidential campaign hitting shelves today, the democrat describes president obama as an appealing candidate because he's "light skinned and has no negro dialect." senator reid apologized for the remarks. republicans see a double standard. >> democrats feel they can say these things and they can apologize when it comes from the mouths of their own. but if it comes from anyone else, it is racism. >> reporter: democrats rallied behind reid. >> the presid
's power hold in washington, d.c. is that going to save you a lot of money? first, right here on forbes, guess who is profiting as president obama's poll numbers tumble. >> a fox news alert. i'm jamie colby. the associatinged press report the police found the bodies of a woman and two children in a home in wellington florida. the sheriff's office is saying all three appear to have died. >> gunshot wounds and according to the ap, police went to the home after a man reportedly crashed his car this morning then told rescue workers he had just killed his family. the map now being treated for injuries at a nearby hospital and we'll keep you updated on this story. haiti, they're calling off the search for survivors this morning. u.n. officials say there's little hope of finding more people alive ten days after the earthquake and are focusing on the relief efforts. 132 people have been pulled from the rubble since that devastating quake. >>> join me at 1:00 p.m. eastern on america's headquarters. >> back to forbes on fox. >> one year after taking office, president obama's owe approval rating s
and the potential for an historic upset. msnbc chief washington correspondent norah o'donnell in boston this morning, better known as the cheers bar. you look a lot warmer this morning, norah. give us a sense of -- polls open in an hour. what do things look like now? >> reporter: well, democrats are bracing for a devastating defeat that could hand the republican party 41 votes in the senate and perhaps kill barack obama's health care reform. so they are worried. they are trying to do everything they can at the last moment to try and pull out this race with a get-out-the-vote operation with all the democratic mayors and local polls trying to sort of get out the vote this very -- you know, today when the polls open at 7:00, they close at 8:00 tonight. it's going to be tough. there's already finger pointing about what went wrong during this campaign, whether martha coakley was a bad candidate, whether democrats were asleep at the wheel, whether they didn't recognize the anger and anxiety out there in this country, or that scott brown was a good candidate who was running a stealth campaign with a couple
dollars cash, when you open an account. >>> i'm john harwood on capitol hill in washington. i've just left an on-the-record briefing with house speaker nancy pelosi a much more optimistic tone to getting to pass the health care bill with certain changes that would ab agreed to. that is a positive sign for the vote count on prospect for president obama's health kay plan. no guarantee that the senate would go along with this strategy but she said this is all doable after we passasm these changes in the affordability other the cadillac tax and the special deal for nebraska, we can get this done in the house of representatives. good sign for president obama and, simon, i'll send it off to you on the floor. >> thank you very much. closing out a market that has rallied today. tonight's speech by president obama, absolutely key for banks and for health care stocks. as we stand at the moment, having rallied through so much of the uzir information today. now down 2% potentially for the month overall. [ closing bell ringing ] >>> you're watching a special edition of the "closing bell" from the world
'll be in washington for that. it's a freeze with big exceptions like social security and medicare. does it sound weird. former ebay boss knows a thing or two about good deals and for taxpayers this isn't a good deal so she's run for governor and has a new book, the power of money, values for success in business and in life. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> you can't pick and choose across the board cuts, right? >> i think they have to be across the board. we have an enormous deficit and you have to look at every department and line item to get it back in shame. that's he self-evident. >> neil: a lot of republicans rejected this commission but at least it would have absolved then of onus on the ideas zing the american people want congress to be accountable and the president accountable. >> neil: but they're not. >> we have to find a way for the president and congress to lead on getting costs down at the federal government. the bad news, we have a government we can no longer afford and we better face up and start to figure out how to get it back into line with what we can afford. >> neil: yo
us now in washington, d.c., with all the details. good evening, hampton. >> good evening. congressional budget office predict as $1.35 trillion deficit this year about 9.2% of gdp, slight improvement from last august with a cbo forecast for $1.4 trillion in deficit. 9.9% of gdp. jobs bill and more war spending could increase this year's deficit. economic outlook foresees a sluggish recovery with unemployment ranchlging 10.1% this year. just 2% gdp growth says the cbo in 2011, unemployment rate hovers around 9.5%. deficit could drop to $890 billion but only if most of the bush tax cuts expire. tomorrow's state of the union address and next week's budget release, president president obama will propose a three-year freeze on domestic budgets. estimated savings about $250 billion over ten years and it will barely dent the deficit. budget director or zack says that it is not the only initiative being looked at. >> this is one component of what we will be doing. full details monday for the rest of the budget. but given the opposition that's already being expressed about spendin
around and see the supreme court stop change at the door and let federal institutions run washington. and voters were mad before, they are really going to be upset now. >> john heilemann, there was a story you told the other night when we were at "time" doing the "game change" roundtable. brrr accident o barack obama made so much money -- had so much money he raised from a lot of wall street guys, a lot of hedge fund people, a lot of oil company people, that they had this room where they just made up thousands of ads that they knew they were never going to use, but they did it just to test market. i mean, in virginia, northern virginia, a couple of weekends, obama outspent mccain 200-1 in 30-second spots. obama raised more money than anybody else and now he's trying to hold this populist mantel over him. i don't know how easy that will be if americans know the facts. >> i think that democrats need to confront it in general. the democratic party has over the last 20 years and obama is the culmination of the trend, has become the big money party. i mean, if you travel around new york c
bernanke facing a tough reconfirmation from congress next week. we'll get a live report from washington. >> and the southwest is digging out from record amounts of snow. yep, that's right, snow and rain. we'll get the latest forecast to see if there is more wet weather coming their way. >> also, amazing rescue of man's best friend in los angeles. we'll talk to the brave man responsible for saving that big guy. >> # first we go straight to haiti, 11 days after the 7.0 earthquake devastated so much of that country, rescuers pulling yet another survivor from the rubble. a young man said to be in his early 20s was found collapsed in -- in a collapsed hotel. believe it or not, he was in good condition. the haitian government had declared an end to the search for survivors. heavy equipment moving in for the massive cleanup ahead. among those helping, american boxer. a famous celebrity on the island nation and eight family members, including his aunts, uncles and cousins were killed in the quake and rick leventhal is live at the port-au-prince airport hospital. rick, first about that rescue, t
. as darren gersh reports, the bankers face angry americans and pressure from washington. >> reporter: after bailing out the bankers in 2008 and 2009, washington is beginning 2010 by attacking them. phil angelides, the chairman of the crisis commission, tried to pin down the c.e.o.s of the nation's big banks, holding them responsible for their actions in the financial meltdown. beginning with a goldman sachs strategy of betting against mortgage securities it was selling to clients. that touched off a spirited exchange. >> it sounds little bit to me like selling a car with faulty brakes and then buying an insurance policy on the buyers of those cars. it just doesn't seem to me that is a practice that inspires confidence. >> every purchaser of an asset here is an institution probably professional only investors dedicated to this business. >> representing pension funds who have the life savings of police officers, teachers. >> these are the professional investors who want this exposure. >> reporter: blankfein argued wall street was mostly a middle man helping to package and sell securities that
>>> good morning. washington wants the white house, taking credit for the creation of 2 million jobs and preparing to announce t.a.r.p. fees. >>> china challenges, google threatens to pull out of the country and the u.s. equities at this hour, under a bit of appreciate dwrur and around the flat line as "squawk box" begins right now. >> good wednesday morning. welcome to squawk here on cnbc. i'm carl quintanilla along with joe kernen and carl quintanilla. i want to get to this morning's headlines. the white house says emergency spending measures last year saved up to 2 million jobs. harwood will join us in a few minutes with the latest on that. a senior administration officials says the president will announce plans tomorrow to raise up to $120 billion for fees on major financial firms. society generale issuing a mrovt warning today. the bank hit by new write-downs to the tune of 2 billion from risky assets. we will head overseas for reaction in a few minutes. >>> and a major earthquake hit haiti. and google, you saw this, threatening to leave china. the tech giant warns it will
washington with revelations about president obama, the clintons and sarah palin. how it could affect the president's agenda. >>> the bonus backlash. those bailed out banks dishing out fat bonuses now. is this acceptable behavior for the companies that brought the economy to its knees? >>> night shift. nbc confirms it is moving jay leno again. but will leno and conan o'brien go along with this? >>> and, happiness inc. she showed millions a road from misery to inner peace. so, why is she now on a different road? >>> good evening. washington, a town powered by gossip, is consumed tonight by a book spilling dozens of secrets from the 2008 campaign. today, top republicans were calling for harry reid to resign as the senate majority leader, afternoon just one of those secrets was revealed. reid's prediction that then candidate barack obama could become president because he was, quote, light skinned and had no negro dialect. today, the head of the republican party said there is a double-standard at work here. >> there is this standard where democrats feel they can say these things and they
elections. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >>> meanwhile, impeached illinois governor rod blagojevich has told "esquire" magazine, he is, quote, blacker than barack obama. telling the magazine he was a real person in a political arena dominated by phonies, the 53-year-old, who is awaiting trial on corruption charges, cited shining shoes and growing up in a five-room apartment as a few of his african-american credentials. >>> well, ju after a week after a security scare shut down an airport, new york airport was again the scene of a tense situation, this time when the landing gear failed on a united airlines passenger jet. now, officials say no one was injured in the emergency landing, which happened just before 9:30 yesterday morning. the plane was approaching new jersey from chicago when the pilot warned of a, quote, little problem. passengers braced for impact of the plane, touched down on just two wheels. amid hugs and tears, all 53 people left the ple unhurt. >>> and according to this morning's "new york times," the u.s. military is struggling to keep up with the flood of video intell
call now or visit lifelock.com. ♪ jim zorn is out as head coach of the washington redskins. janet napolitano still in as head coach of homeland security. he lost some gains and lost his job. she could have lost a lot more and keeps hers. welcome, everybody on the old cavuto. happy new year. one is a game and the other increasingly looking like one as the white house continues to promise action on getting to the bottom of a systemic breakdown in security that almost brought down a plane on christmas day but that has yet to bring down any administration official right to this day even though former senator alphonse suggests a way we could do it. you have an idea. >> i certainly do. let me say this to you. number one, napolitano not just because of this incident and the breakdown but because after the breakdown place comes out, she rushes out to say well, the system worked. that demonstrates a total lack of understanding. that demonstrates i want to try to put out a political statement to cover it up as opposed to what the president said that this was a systemic failure and that is w
. the washington, d.c. area, you can imagine with all the government jobs being created and the companies serving the government has been a very strong job market. >> yeah. the journal this morning, rents in d.c. are now topping rents in new york, which is sort of a sad twist but says a lot about our economy. quick question on the mobility thing. i saw numbers yesterday about how the inability to sell your house is hampering people's ability to take a job, even if they get one, right? >> absolutely. in the beginning of 2009 when we were losing so many jobs and the housing market was terrible, we saw circumstances where people just couldn't relocate. they couldn't get out of the house they were in to relocate. that's improved substantially. people are in a better position now to get out of the homes they're in and to relocate. there are certainly still parts of the country where that is still a very difficult prop sig. but as a systemic issue, that's improved through the end of 2009. >> is it your gut that we will see perhaps another negative jobs number in the months to come? >> you know, i don't
jobs. president obama is not the only washington politician on the road today. members of congress are heading home for the weekend with no consensus on the democratic side and how to even spin the health care reform train wreck. ken strickland is live on capitol hill and, ken, in the midst of a recession, spending a year on health care reform and having nothing to show for it doesn't seem like a winning strategy. so what do the democrats do now? >> reporter: last night key democratic senate leaders, chuck schumer, chris dodd, max baucus, walked into a closed door meeting to talk about health care all insist enter, repeated, the health care bill is not dead, they say. any reporter who has a credential to get into the united states capitol are all scurrying around trying to find any vital signs the health care bill is still living and has life. here's a diagnosis so far. the fastest way to pass health care seems to be off the table. yesterday house speaker nancy pelosi said that she does not have the votes among her membership to basically take the senate bill as is and pass it. if
for "washington examiner". well, he has gotten himself into a fix. >> he says he's not going to talk about it anymore. he said he made a final statement on this. the key moment in this reid affair happened saturday afternoon. right after the news broke. because that was when the white house sent out a statement from the president saying that senator reid made an unfortunate choice of words and he's a good man and president obama supports him and he, president obama considers this matter closed. that sent a signal to democrats everywhere, defend reid. they circled the wagon. senators defended him. and congressional black caucus surrounded him. it's clear democrat are not going to let senator reid go down. >> who should accept at polling? president obama was insulted right? the target of this express target of it. what about african americans in nevada, in the term that is used negro is like where did that come from? you have to go, nobody i've never heard -- it's bizarre. so out of the what? 50s? >> it's a very 1958-ness of it that made it weird. president obama was you can say being the ta
on the federal court in the state of nevada was a -- work i did. >> greta: byron york for the washington examiner. he certainly has gotten himself into a fix. >> he says he's not going to talk about it any more. he says he's made his final statement on this the key moment in this whole reid affair happened saturday afternoon, right after the news broke. that was when the white house sent out a statement from president obama saying that senator reid made that unfortunate choice of words but he's a good man and president obama supports him and he, president obama, considers the matter closed. that sent a signal to democrats everywhere, defend reid. they circled the wagons, the congressional black caucus mostly in the house, has defended him. it is pretty clear that democrats are not going to let senator reid go down because of this converse. >> >> greta: mo -- who was insulted? who should accept the apology president obama was the express target. what about african-americans in nevada? the term used in grow it is like, where did that come from? i mean, you have to go -- i've never -- it is like biz
in baltimore. cnbc chief washington correspondent john harwood, give us the lowdown, john. >> reporter: dennis, the president's trying to follow through on the outreach to republicans he had in the state of the union address. now, i think in all candor, we have to say that neither side expects very much to come from this. because there's big philosophic disagreements. the president did not get support from republicans on the stimulus plan. he's got a big ambitious agenda. here's one reason why the president has a strong hand, though, in that discussion as an individual leader. look at this -- these numbers from the new nbc wall street journal poll about who the public holds responsible for the lack of action in washington. 27% say president obama, 41% say congressional democrats, but most of all, 48% say congressional republicans. now -- >> that's more than 100%, doesn't it? >> reporter: no, no, that's -- each person is asked to give an assessment, and it's not -- no, it's not supposed to total up to 100%. >> let's listen in to the president. >> thank you so much. thank you. thank you. thank y
lenders backed by the federal housing initiative. on "washington journal" tomorrow morning, two house members on the attempted bombing of the northwest airlines flight. the democratic rep is a member of the intelligence committee, and republican representative peter hoekstra is the ranking member. we will take questions on the unemployment rate and plans for job creation, and we will discuss education. this is live every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern. a couple of live events to tell you about tomorrow morning. the first meeting of the inquiry commission is on c-span 2. they look at the causes of the financial situation, including testimony from the bank of america, morgan stanley, j.p. morgan chaise, and goldman sachs. and witnesses include representatives from the department of defense and state and the head of the u.s. pacific command. that is live at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> the deadline is approaching to enter the 2010 student cam contest. top prize $5,000. just create a five minutes to 8 minute video on one of our country's greatest strengths or of challenge the country faces. enter bef
. >> tom: the move hits financial stocks and the rest of the market. coming up, reaction from washington to wall street. you're watching "nightly business report" for thursday, january 21. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> susie: good evening everyone. president obama proposed today tough new rules on the nation's biggest banks, restricting their size and their activities. tom, he said the plan would limit quote "reckless risks". >> tom: susie, that announcement from the president in washington reverberated on wall street. investors dumped stocks; the dow tumbled 213 points and the nasdaq lost 25, putting both indices into negative territory for the year. >> susie: the core concern is that the obama plan forces banks to choose commercial banking or investment banking. they can't do both. washington bureau chief darren gersh explains. >> reporter: the president said he was naming his new banking rules afte
>>> on our broadcast from washington tonight, full blast. the secretary of the treasury walks into heavy fire for his role in the bailout that sent billions of dollars to the big banks. >>> state of the union. that's right here behind us tonight. the president' first ever and the electorate is angry. >>> day by day in haiti, the ongoing struggle to get food to the hungry and help the children. >> the tablet, the holy grail in the gadget business is unveiled with all the hype apple can muster. >>> and how the animal rights folks might have sent people over the edge this time. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening from capitol hill in washington, where tonight the president reports to congress on the state of the union, and where earlier today, congress grilled the president's point man on the economy. timothy geithner, the treasury secretary, is a soft-spoken man who today ran head-on into a blow torch of built-up anger over bailouts and big banks and bonuses. he was the man in the line of fire, and he tried to give as good as
's capital, this is " washington journal." host: the supreme court ruled 5- 4 to allow corporations to spend as much as the want to support or oppose individual candidates. the ruling is likely to also allow labor unions to send unlimited funds. the justices kept in place, though, a century old ban on corporate donations directly to any one candidate. let us kickoff today's " washington journal" talking about the supreme court decision. the phone lines -- send us a tweet at c-spanwj or e-mail us at journal@c-span.org. "the washington post" on this story. the court also overturned a ban on corporations and unions airing campaign ads in the 30 days before primary and 60 days before a general election. also in "the washington post" this morning they talk about the reaction on capitol hill. inside "the washington post" its quotes senator charles schumer -- bound to push for new restrictions on corporate political spending, including limits for companies with government contracts, shareholder approval of expenditures and a proposal to make cheap executives appear in ads approving the content. als
>>> >>> on "world news" from washington, high stakes. president obama faces a tough crowd on capitol hill and in american living rooms, waiting to hear what he's going to fight for in his sond presidential year. >>> car chaos. we find deal earls told to suspend the sales of some of those toyotas still selling them. and owners of recalled toyotas told to keep driving them. what's going on with toyota? >>> the next big thing? apple's new ipad has arrived. do you have to have it? >>> oh, snow. imagine waking up and finding a whole mountain of it in your bathroom. >>> and good evening. we are here across from the capitol tonight, been watching the cars streaming in toward the door. senators, congressmen and women, and invited guests, gathering for president obama to deliver his state obvious the union. and the middle of what he has called a political buzz saw. at a lunch with him today, he made it clear to several of us, no backing down on his big agenda, and we know that number one on that agenda tonight will be jobs, and jake tapper has been studying portions of the presiden
will the president acknowledge tonight? i'm katie couric in washington. also tonight, toyota's deadly defect. >> we're in trouble! we can't... there's no brakes! >> couric: it's being called an iphone on steroids. a look at apple's new ipad and what it can do. and american kids putting heart and soul into helping the children of haiti. captioning sponsored by cbs >> couric: good evening, everyone. the congressional resolution is all very official, the house and senate will meet tonight for the purpose of receiving such communication as the president of the united states shall be pleased to make. and with that, president obama will deliver his first state of the union address. it will focus largely on the number-one issue on the minds of so many americans: jobs and the economy. chip reid is at the white house tonight and, chip, he's got their attention. people want action, so what is he going to tell them. >> reporter: he's going to tell them essentially that he gets it. that he's going to put the economy at the very top of his agenda. with anxious americans demanding that he do more to turn around
in washington. speaker nancy pelosi says the current senate bill doesn't have a chance of making it through the house. but the white house still says that's their best plan "b." kelly o'donnell joins us this morning with the latest. was speaker pelosi being definitive with that statement or was she posturing and negotiating? >> reporter: well, chuck, we always focus on that "we don't have the votes now" part of her comment, but she also said "right now" and still believing it could be done. the weather here is kind of lousy this morning and it makes me think the speaker is in sort of a rain delay. she wanted to finish the game, storm came, she didn't expect, don't know when conditions will be right to get back on the field. that's the kind of feeling we're getting from democrats. she's not closing the door, but she did take off the table for now this idea of passing the senate version as it is. now, senate democrats who have been in charge of all this, they met last night, and when they emerged, they also said, we believe some kind of health care reform will be passed. but cryptically, we d
finances and diana ole sick in washington. responding to a lot of pressure, diana. >> the rising number of blink wenses among fha-backed loans are increasing pressure on the government loan insurer to shore up and that's precisely what it's doing today. the fha will raise its up-front insurance premium from 1.75% of the loan to 2.25%. that's the second time it's raised that premium in two years. most borrowers roll that cost into the loan. next, it will ask congress for the authority to increase the maximum premium and then to down payments. the fha requires a minimum 3.5% down payment which is why it's currently more popular, most lenders are requiring 20% down. the fha will continue that for borrowers with at least a 580 fico score, but for those lower than that they will require 10% down. the fha is reducing the amount of seller concessions and how much a seller can kick in on the home sale from 6% to 3%. that actually brings it more in line with the industry standard. finally, the fha is doing even more to increase enforcement on fha lenders. some of which are showing far more delin
in washington. wrapping up interviews there, coming up. >>> a look at the day on wall street by moving into the financials as the day winds on. it had been close to 80 points. finishing the day at 10,681. s&p 500 picked up 9.5. and the nasdaq composite was strong. technology and leadership on the upside. up 25 points up on nasdaq. and now above 2,300 at 2,307. top story, some of wall street's biggest names on the hot seat on capitol hill in front of lawmakers look for answers to the recent financial crisis. cnbc's david faber has been manning the ship in washington. he has all of the highlights and the takeaways from today's key hearings. david, over to you. >> reporter: thanks, maria. today's first panel hearing in front of this inquiry commission, which will continue its work for the balance of 2010, did include some fireworks and some pointed questions from chairman, phil angelides. the first q&a was devoted solely to questions to blankfein. i asked angelides later. why the focus on goldman sachs and why the focus on some key transactions involving synthetic cdos? >> in 2004, the fb
on "the call." >> washington, wall street, main street all focusing on massachusetts where a crucial election is being held to fill ted kennedy's senate seat. some are calling it the people's seat and there's a lot at stake for president obama and his health care reform plan. nbc news correspondent norra o'donnell joins us live from boston with more. norra, we are jealous. you have the story of the day. reporters are calling it a five-alarm fire on both sides. what's it like. >> i thought you were going to say it because i'm at the cheers bar. >> i would like to have a cocktail right now, but it's not fitting into my schedule. anyway, yeah? >> exactly. this could be the biggest political upset of our life time. the democrats are bracing for a devastating defeat. the republicans are hoping for a historic upset. the last time a republican held the seat of ted kennedy, this ted kennedy or the people's seat this, particular senate seat was in 1952 when jfk defeated henry cabot lodge. so republicans feel very energized. i just touched with the campaigns to give you the very latest and a s
to the comeback in financial, but really we first begin in washington, where really things are taking center stage as far as investors are concerned. a list of wall street big names from lloyd blankfein to jamie dimon, jay mack, brian moynihan, all of those facing lawmakers today to answer questions about the root of the financial crisis. what went wrong? take you right now to washington, cnbc's david faber is live after speaking with jamie dimon earlier. david, over to you. >> reporter: thanks, maria. yeah, an interesting day here in terms of panel one of the inquiry commission into the financial crisis and of course you just named the panelists that were on that panel. went about 2 1/2 hours or some. most of it taken up by questions for lloyd blankfein, the chairman and ceo of goldman sachs. but afterwards, i did have a chance to speak with jamie dimon and we talked about an issue of course is always on people's minds, namely, compensation, as we're right in the middle or about to commence i should say bonus season for most of the big wall street firms. and i asked dimmon whether or not people s
on the strategy sessions. and ron kline at the vanguard coverage for the "washington post." pleasure to have you back. chuck, let's start in massachusetts. put that race in context. what are we looking at here? >> well, right now you talk to anybody that's following this race closely, and they'll tell you the republican scott brown has a very small, though not significant lead in this thing. but it does not insurmountable, which is why the white house made the decision to go ahead and send president obama. he's going to go campaign for martha coakley, the democratic nominee, there on sunday. hoping that will somehow energize a democratic base that is just not very energized up there. we're seeing the same problems in massachusetts with the democratic base that we saw in virginia. in november of 2009. and new jersey in november of 2009. republicans, meanwhile, very excited there. and the thing that we just don't know is what the turnout's going to look like, dylan. the republican path to victory in massachusetts previously is not just about energizing republicans, but that significant chunk of in
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